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Professional Development Recommendations

More and more schools/districts have been contacting us to provide professional development to help teachers more effectively understand and develop expertise in Kid Writing and the Writing Workshop process for beginning writers.  Our most dynamic, effective model of professional development is to establish a continuing relationship with a school or district in which we train teachers, do classroom demonstration lessons, and coach and provide feedback to teachers.  We are also available to provide training in Kid Writing for classroom assistants and parent volunteers.

Who should be included in professional development sessions?
Classroom teachers - PreK-Grade 2
Reading Specialists
ESOL Teachers
Title I Teachers
Special Education Teachers

Suggested Sessions:

- Introduction to Writing Workshop
- Getting Started on the First Day of School
- Focus on Writing Workshop Mini-lesson
- How Writing Workshop Changes:  Kindergarten - Grade 2
- Classroom Demonstration Lessons
- Classroom Feedback and Coaching
- Using Writing Assessment to Plan for Instruction

For more information on professional development contact
Eileen Feldgus, Ed.D.